I can’t believe Christmas is only a little more than a month away.  With several school concerts, final assembly, presentation night, step up day and teacher meet and greet, I decided I had better start my Christmas shopping.  A list that seems to multiply each year.  The children sit down and write their ‘wish’ lists, Santa notes and gift ideas. Last night we were presented with draft number two.  My daughter’s list again this year comprises of mostly books.  There is not a moment when she  does not have a book in her hand. With uncertainty surrounding the sale of JB in 2015, it is nice to appreciate  the small things in our everyday life. Such as our family, friends, health and pets. Which books are on your Christmas list this year?



Love the snow..

kate forsythOver the past month we have spent quite a bit of time at the snow for snowsport training and interschool competitions.  Winter time is such a beautiful time of year and so picturesque.  It was also wonderful  to take our little friend Peter Mouse to the snow for a visit and hand out lots of colouring sheets to the children, he really enjoyed that!

Now home with piles of washing,  a To Do list a mile and a half long and children back at school  – you almost feel like you are dropped back into the ‘real’ world again.  While Peter Mouse tugs himself into CherryWood Cottage for a while deserve rest, I look at the months ahead on the calendar and I am really excited about the projects that I am currently working on with Jelli-Beanz and VCLA.

Meanwhile, my daughter and I stubbled across a new Kate Forsyth book – Escape from Wolfhaven Castle.  We just love Kate’s books, my daughter could not put it down and last night she gave it to me, not wanting to tell me anything!  I can’t wait to start reading it.

Happy Spring to everyone 🙂


A Christmas Tail…

xmas tail colouring page.  Celebrate Christmas in July this year with all things Mousey.  This beautiful colouring sheet is illustrated by A Christmas Tail’s illustrator Aaron Pocock.  I will be accompanying Peter Mouse to Mt Buller mid July, as we celebrate Christmas in July with loads of wintery activities.





In my last post I told you about this wonderfully entertaining diary of a pupil midwife.  Well, I have finished the book and my Nanna was right, I loved it and couldn’t put it down.  I was really surprised I must admit, as I am not one to enjoy birth stories, hospital stories or anything that makes my stomach switch on to a rapid spin cycle. However, Dot’s diary entries were written with such fun and humour that it was really easy to become engaged and entertained.

Should anyone want to read Dot’s adventure the ISBN is: 9781407229997.

Dot May Dunn appears along the bottom of the cover, however my snapshot has cut it off for some reason.




An extraordinary tale-

Whilst visiting my grandmother last weekend we discussed a book in depth that was given to her whilst in hospital recently. She placed in my hands and told me that I would not be able to put it down.
Twelve Babies and a Bike is amazing biography of a student midwife in post war England who had to deliver  twelve babies to graduate, all within three months. Call outs at 1, 2 or 3am with gas machine and delivery kits strapped to an old bicycle Dot heads off in the pitch dark and heavy snow.  Dot had no goggle maps to find her way, many London streets were mere alleys at the time and she often had to make her way through dangerous areas.   At times I laughed hysterically (with airport passengers looking over at me oddly). Beautifully written – I am about half way though and just can’t put it down!